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Who Governs Libya

May 22, 2014

Who Governs Libya?


By Hamza Ethelb

Muammar Gaddafi was killed, announced the head of the Executive Office Mahmoud Jebril on 20th of October 2011. Libyan People celebrated everywhere in the country to shut the curtains of four decades of ignorance, corruption, oppression, torture, backwardness, etc. so that they start new lives and build prosperous country for the new generations.

The head of the National Transitional Council (NTC) Mustfa Abduljalil said on that day “you will see how the rebels rush to hand over their weapons to the State Army”, but what is seen today in the country was completely the opposite.

Libyans lived years without parties for the dictator Muammar Gaddafi banned them, captured many of those who opposed him, putting them in prisons and making other members of those banned parties live in the exile. All the men who took part in the 17th Feb. Revolution share the same hatred to Gaddafi, they were explicitly united and implicitly hit by hidden strong ideological differences.

Ominous signs were noticed at the beginning, before the killing of Gaddafi and Declaration of Liberation of Libya, when Ali Asalabi (Muslim Brotherhood leader) expressively and publically launched on Aljazeera TV Show a war of words on Dr. Ali Tarhuni who had been nominated for the position of head of oil file in the Executive Office by the NTC.

The people of Libya who are novel to such opinion opposition were perplexed of the action of Ali Asalabi. They thought it was not the time, the war was still on.

No-one was interested in the nominations and the selections of the NTC members, all were allied, they can focus on no objective but seeing the mad-dog Gaddafi down.   The war had then laid down its burdens, a new book was opened, the people were happily celebrating the victory and the triumph and the politicians and party members plotting the outline and setting the stage for the newly-born ruling regime.

July, the 7th 2012 witnessed the first democratic elections in Libya after about five decades. The joy of the people of such none-seen-before move made them concentrate on the action rather than the candidates or parties. Also the new experience to them hindered the overall understanding of the process. Now the General National Congress (GNC) was born in a smooth labour.

People were optimistic as the GNC convened its first session on 8th August 2012. Those democratically elected members bear the heavy burden to bring the dreams of the people to reality, building the national army and the police is nonnegotiable priority. Gradually, the Libyans started to comprehend their fault of not concentrating for the nominees and the parties in the elections. They woke up one day to find themselves governed by the Muslim brotherhood and their allied Islamist groups.

Without divulging in the ideology and mentality of political Islamist groups, the Muslim brotherhood and their allies such as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) aka Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah and Alnsar Asharia sowed their men in the Ministries and Intelligences. Throughout their work in offices, they helped growth of militias and mired the build of the army and the police.

Consequently, militias known as revolutionaries holding terrorist ideologies participated in the revolution of bringing down Gaddafi regime are getting backed by some GNC members and statesmen in the Ministry of Defense and General Staff.

There were several sporadic attacks on the GNC calling for its suspension and replacement by an angry mob on one occasion and militias on the other.

The people of Libya started to think that their country is ruled by terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood and their backers.

A gloomy picture has preoccupied the masses as a political deadlock is looming in the horizons.


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